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Visual Aids help to translate Word Problems for Apprentices

Drawing diagrams organizes numerical and spatial information such as dimensions, and makes relationships between numbers and dimensions more apparent. The process of drawing and labelling the diagram helps apprentices visualize the problem and understand which numerical information is relevant. When

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How Instructors Can Control the Difficulty of Questions

Instructors ask about 100 questions per hour in a typical classroom setting. As instructors, we use questions when we teach and assess apprentices. If you think about it, apprentices can pass or fail courses depending on their ability to answer

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6 Strategies to Help Apprentices Overcome Reading Challenges

Many apprentices, regardless of Essential Skill level, do not spend a lot of time reading outside the classroom. As a result, they may need more practice in reading regulations, standards and codebooks. You can help apprentices to overcome reading challenges

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What is a Sheet Metal Worker?

Sheet Metal Workers lay out, fabricate, assemble, weld, install, and service a variety of projects such as HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning), industrial, kitchen and hospital equipment and architectural work. Workers in this field fabricate and install a wide

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Integrating Essential Skills into Technical Training – Part 2

Technical trainers can increase the success rates of apprentices by integrating Essential Skills like reading and numeracy into the technical training itself. We just had a look at how apprentices use Essential Skills in technical training. Now, we will look at

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